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What is flipNook?

flipNook is a global marketplace for homeowners to decorate their space themselves or connect with designers for bespoke service

Everyone deserves to have a dream home. With millions of design ideas and shopping sites out there, it can get confusing to choose what suits your taste, personality and budget. flipNook brings designers, vendors and homeowners on the same platform to offer a wide selection of design ideas and shopping list choices to select from and decorate the space yourself. You can also find a designer to get online or in-person bespoke service.

How it works

  • Use flipNook Designs and AI Design Studio at no cost to design your space yourself

    Choose your style, explore flipNook designs and review shopping lists at no cost or design your space using flipNook AI studio, view AI prompts used for other AI designs that you like. We have several designs to select from.

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    Ask questions on flipNook Community

    Review your chosen design with fellow homeowners or designers on flipNook Community. You can also ask for decor uplifting ideas or share your success story.

  • Read reviews in designer portfolios to find bespoke design help

    Work with freelancer designer/company of your choice in-person or online, using Chat With Designer messaging, to create a design as per your needs.

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    Buy items of your final design directly from e-commerce sites

    Get the items of your final free design or bespoke design from e-commerce sites.

  • Create design ideas, associate shopping list and write blogs

    At no cost, showcase your work and expertise in Interior Designing. Prepare design renderings or generate design idea using flipNook AI Design Studio. Optionally create a shopping list by associating items from
    e-commerce sites. Write informative blogs to build your brand.

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    Answer homeowner questions on your designs and earn affiliate fee when they buy listed or related items

    Interact directly with homeowners. Answer queries about your designs. Share your ideas through flipNook blogs and community to promote your brand.

  • Manage your portfolio and showcase real projects at no cost

    Share your resume, degree, award or other work details to get access to your flipNook Portfolio. Upload projects and get client reviews.

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    To get bespoke work from global homeowners, showcase quality work and provide prompt service

    flipNook will promote quality designs and designer work at no cost to designers.

We have got you covered

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Become a flipNook Designer!

Share your designs with flipNook homeowners and earn affiliate fee when they buy items from e-commerce sites.

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    100% Original Designs

    Designs are curated only for flipNook

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    Genuine Advice

    Get advice & suggestions from designers and flipNook Community

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    Save Time & Money

    Get design ideas at no cost and a list of e-commerce sites from where you can buy the design items in a click

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